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ayControl for your iPhone & iPad
                    The comfortable way of controlling your building



Looking for a true Smart-Home? You want to control all building functions (lights, HVAC, shutters and more) easily? Want to control everything from everywhere? ayControl KNX for iPhone and iPad is the cost efficient and intelligent solution with awarded usability.


Icon1 No Sever Required

Easy and fast setup, without expensive and complex servers.
Ivon_2 Control from Everywhere

aYcontrol works worldwide and every internet connection.
Icon_3 Real-Time KNX Bus Monitoring

Changes of KNX bus states are immediately shown.
Icon_4 Protect your Home or Business

Monitor your IP cameras. More Security features included.

Icon_5 Easy RGB Color Control

Choose your desired atmosphere intuitively by using the integrated RGB LED color control.
Icon_6 Multimedia Control

Drop all your conventional remote controls - use ayControl on the iPhone or iPad instead.
Icon_7 Upgrade your KNX House

Easy installation brings your KNX based Smart-Home to the next level of security and convenience.


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